The Plastics Technological Institute (AIMPLAS) has participated in a project with the enterprise Plásticos Gamón in order to develop an innovative firework device for major events that will add value to products. The project will enable to reach much more demanding markets within the fireworks market: the United States market. The main objective of the project has been to develop a newer and more secure plastic material for fireworks, which accomplishes with the United States regulations. The new material will minimise the risk of accident in the manufacturing processes, transport, handling and assembly of these products.

Besides, the new material is environment friendly, as it is 100 % recyclable. It will also create a wider range of effects in firework performances.

The project will allow that Plásticos Gamón will enter in the American market with a more secure, versatile, easy to handle product that will resist the Chinese competition. This project is an example of Valencia exportation towards USA.

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